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Drakaina made her mark by becoming the first of her kind in France, and incidentally in Europe. A Model raised to the rank of Modern Muse, inspiring artists, painters, writers and poets around the world since 2001 as well as influencing a whole new generation of models attracted by the potential of this ancestral form of artistic expression. Aside from her fantasy art modeling career, Drakaina has appeared in several music videos, as well as a couple of movies and modeling campaigns. She has been regularly seen in the press since the very beginning of her career and has graced countless pages and covers, both in Europe and North America.

Today Drakaina resides in Halifax, Canada, where she continues her Fantasy art modeling career, while attending many conventions and book signings with her fans. Drakaina is also a huge animal lover and actively fights against animal cruelty (her “I’d rather go naked than wear dog and cat fur” campaign, entirely self-financed and launched with the help of local Halifax models and photographers, in which she shaded the light on dog and cat furs and skin being legally imported from Asia to Canada, drew quite a bit of interest and warranted a “letter to the Editor” answer from the Fur Council of Canada).

In 2008 she released her first art book in Europe “Drakaina Fantasy of Desire” published by Spootnik Editions, followed in 2009 by the worldwide release of a second book “Drakaina, a Fantasy Art Muse” published by SQP Editions.

That same year she ranked #2 on askmen.com top ten list of the most influential fantasy art models of all time, behind Julie Strain (who before retiring a few years back was known, among other things, for being the model who had lent her image to the main character of Heavy Metal FAKK2, sequel to the animated movie anthology Heavy Metal).

In 2010 and 2011 Drakaina was nominated for Faces Magazine Awards in the “Babe the Year” category, and was one of the guests of honor at Hal-Con, one of the largest conventions of Science Fiction in Eastern Canada, where she presented the first issue of the comic book based on her likeness “Drakaina Untamed.” The comic is a huge success, and sells out in less than 48 hours. Late 2010 saw the release of her 3rd art book “Drakaina Masters”, by SQP Editions, which received an excellent reception from the public.
2011 marks the 10 years anniversary of Drakaina’s career as a Fantasy Art Muse. A milestone in this industry. It’s also the year where she meets The original American Fantasy art Muse, Julie Strain herself, as they are both attending the San Diego Comic Convention.

Her career has evolved to so much more than just being a model in the last few years, and today she is also character creator and story developer (she is the one behind the “Drakaina Untamed” comic book story line, and is currently working on “Crimson Decay”, collaborating with Ar’No, her longtime partner in crime, both on the story and character development sides.)

The French girl has come a long way since her debuts in which she would receive dubious looks when trying to explain her activities to today, where she is invited to some of the biggest worldwide comic, Sci-fi and fantasy conventions and panels and has made a name for herself as a key reference in Fantasy art. Recently Drakaina was considered by Halifax’s confectionary shop “Sugah” to have a chocolate bar named after her. Sadly she “lost the race” to her beloved nemesis, the one and only Fat Apollo.
Late 2013- early 2014 she will release a collector’s art book combining the best photographs of her career, and retracing a photographic journey through the past 12 years. In the meantime, she can be seen on various medias, as it seems that the originality of her craft will remain sort of a curiosity for years to come.

More on her website: http://drakaina.com

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