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Robert Bailey

Robert Bailey is originally from England, where he attended College of Art during the sixties. After careers in television and newspapers, and later as a full time aviation combat artist, he was suddenly approached by Lucasfilm some years ago. George Lucas had seen his website and Robert’s path then took a sharp turn into Sci-Fi. Specifically, Star Wars. He worked on STAR WARS VISIONS, a book by various artists, after visiting Lucas at his Skywalker Ranch office. Robert was graciously allowed to photograph most of the original artifacts used in the first three Star Wars movies. These were later used as reference material to create concepts and finished works, some of which George Lucas later purchased for his private collection. This also included Tuskegee Airmen WWII paintings, as Lucas was working at the time on the movie RED TAILS.

Lucas and the production crew studied Robert’s Tuskegee combat scenarios at Skywalker Ranch before principal photography began on the movie. Lucas also showed off many of Robert’s works at the ranch for the original Tuskegee pilots and ground crew. Bailey’s Star Wars oil painting NOW MY ENEMY, purchased by Lucas, caused much speculation on the net that Ahsoka and Vader might later be on opposing sides in the Star Wars saga. All of Robert’s works are now in pencil, with subjects ranging from Star Wars to Star Trek and other movies such as Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones.

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